Multi-family development
Representative Transaction

“We enjoyed working with the team at Mier Law. They were professional, courteous and on task throughout the process. They were so diligent they discovered several items we had missed when we initiated the development.”

– The Multifamily Company

The Arlington Heights

The Arlington Heights, a multifamily development located in Arlington, Texas, is planned to include approximately 2,500 units.

Client: The Multifamily Company

Our Firm’s role:

  • Initial acquisition of project (three separate complexes)
  • Negotiation joint ventures to own and develop the separate phases of the project
  • Debt finance, negotiate loan documents
  • GC Agreements, architects agreements and development agreements
  • Sale of Phase One (365 units) to the Praedium Group in 2018


  • Contractor Agreements
  • Landbanking
  • Entity Formation
  • Purchase and sale of land and lots
  • Title and survey review and other due diligence
  • Development-related easements and agreements
  • Closing services

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